Tuesday, December 4, 2018

DFIR Training

Hello all! Back again, though not as soon as I had thought. Anyway, today I want to tell those who haven't already heard about the training offered by Brett Shavers. His courses have recently moved to a new home at https://www.patreon.com/DFIRtraining. This is where you will find all his current courses, as well as new courses as they come out. All courses are bundled and available for a monthly subscription.

I reviewed his old WinFE course four years ago. You can read it HERE, although that course is no longer active. I have also had access to his older X-Ways Forensics course and learned a lot from it.

While I haven't taken any of his newest training, the courses I've seen were great. The material itself is very well prepared and presented. The video and audio quality is also good, with items on screen easy to see and understand.

DFIR training is usually very expensive, as we all know. Brett is offering some high quality training at a fraction of the cost of many other courses. I plan to become one of his Patreon supporters soon and experience his newest offerings.

Brett also started a DFIR oriented social network at https://social.dfir.training/. There are currently three groups on the site. One group is for DFIR Book Giveaways. Group members have the opportunity to win DFIR related books on a monthly basis. The other two groups are a SANS FOR 508 study group and a WinFE group.

Kudos to Brett for all he's doing with these sites. I encourage you to support him on his Patreon page and take part in some good DFIR training.

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  1. Ken, thank you for the kind words! More courses are coming, and about that older WinFE course...I re-did it last year and updated everything, just in time as I will be updating it again as soon as the next release of the new write protect app is completed (it should run in ARM64, unlock TPM+bitlocked drives, and more! Credit goes to Colin Ramsden on the tool). I'm also giving away ebooks on printed guides for supporters. One of the ebooks you can download is this X-Ways cheats book - https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-DFIR-Cheats-X-Ways-Forensics/dp/1727835859.