Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Huge Month of June is Almost Here!

This may be the most I've ever looked forward to the month of June. The first couple weeks of the month are going to be absolutely filled with forensic geeky goodness.

First comes the 2011 Digital Forensics and Incident Response Summit in Austin, TX, which I'll be attending this year. I was presented with "an offer I couldn't refuse" and am very excited to say I'll be there. A look at the agenda shows what is bound to be a fantastic learning experience. The lineup of speakers and topics is top notch and I can't wait to get there. Besides, I'm gonna get to hang out with my good buddy Joe Garcia, host of the Cybercrime 101 podcast. Joe and talk several times a week and I know he's as excited as I am to head to Austin.

I'm also excited because one of my posts on the SANS Computer Forensics Blog, entitled "I'm Here, Now What?" has been nominated for a Forensic 4Cast Award. The awards will be presented at the Summit. I have to admit, my post wasn't as good as the posts by Rob Lee, entitled "Digital Forensic SIFTing: SUPER Timeline Analysis and Creation" and Matt Churchill, entitled "Free Digital Forensics Triage Tool" and I think either one of them could easily be the right one to vote for. Still, I'm more than a little honored to be nominated and will enjoy myself, regardless of the outcome.

The following week, I'll be driving eastward to McLean, VA with good friend Brad Garnett for the 2nd Annual Sleuth Kit and Open Source Digital Forensics Conference. This is going to be an excellent conference with presentations by some of my forensics heroes, such as Cory Altheide, Harlan Carvey, Simson Garfinkle and Brian Carrier.  We'll be attending one of the pre-conference workshops as well.

There are several people I "know" online that I hope to meet at both conferences. Some of them I already have established friendships with in the online world and there's no doubt I'll enjoy meeting them in person. I'll be writing recaps of my travels here once they're over with. I may post some from the conferences if time and circumstances allow.

Monday, May 9, 2011


A book I have greatly anticipating arrived at my door step today, courtesy of the UPS man. Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools  is one of those books I've been excited about, ever since I heard it was being written. Authored by two very well known guys in the forensics and incident response field, I knew it would be a good one.

Open source tools hold a special place in my heart. Like so many of us, I got my first real start in forensics using the Sleuth Kit, Autopsy, RegRipper and so on. Without these free, open source tools I would probably not be doing forensics today. Fortunately, they were there for me and, honestly, I enjoy using them. Even though I now have a few closed source, "payware" tools, I still use open source tools like those I mentioned, all the time.

I look forward to starting the book tonight when I get home from work. I'll be writing a review of it soon after I finish it and post it here.

Sleuth Kit and Open Source Digital Forensics Conference

Speaking of open source tools, I am happy to report I will attending this years Sleuth Kit and Open Source Digital Forensics Conference in McLean, VA. I will be submitting my registration tonight. Barring some catastrophe keeping me from getting there, I hope to attend and meet old friends and those I only know through their work. It's sure to be a great learning experience, as well as a great chance to network and do a lot of geek speak.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

bin Laden related malware links

Okay, we all know Osama bin Hidin is now DRT (dead right there). The next obvious thing to come will of course be billions of spam and other type messages leading to malware related sites. Remember, don't click on any of that crap. Remind your friends and family that they aren't likely to see autopsy photos or anything of the sort if they click a link on Facebook or in an email. Help stop the spread of malware!

Also, more importantly, thank you to our troops and all who serve for doing an awesome job, all the time!