Monday, May 9, 2011


A book I have greatly anticipating arrived at my door step today, courtesy of the UPS man. Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools  is one of those books I've been excited about, ever since I heard it was being written. Authored by two very well known guys in the forensics and incident response field, I knew it would be a good one.

Open source tools hold a special place in my heart. Like so many of us, I got my first real start in forensics using the Sleuth Kit, Autopsy, RegRipper and so on. Without these free, open source tools I would probably not be doing forensics today. Fortunately, they were there for me and, honestly, I enjoy using them. Even though I now have a few closed source, "payware" tools, I still use open source tools like those I mentioned, all the time.

I look forward to starting the book tonight when I get home from work. I'll be writing a review of it soon after I finish it and post it here.

Sleuth Kit and Open Source Digital Forensics Conference

Speaking of open source tools, I am happy to report I will attending this years Sleuth Kit and Open Source Digital Forensics Conference in McLean, VA. I will be submitting my registration tonight. Barring some catastrophe keeping me from getting there, I hope to attend and meet old friends and those I only know through their work. It's sure to be a great learning experience, as well as a great chance to network and do a lot of geek speak.

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