Sunday, November 21, 2010


Welcome to the new Digital Forensics Blog!  You're probably thinking we don't need another forensics blog and you might be right.  Still, I find there are times I'm researching some forensic and/or malware artifacts and learn something I think is worth sharing.

My plan to keep this blog focused on  computer and malware forensics, as those are my primary interests these days.  In addition to this, I also write for the SANS Forensic Blog but thought I'd start my own for when I want to write about something that doesn't really fit in there.

I intend to add some actual content today or tomorrow, so in the immortal words of Paul Harvey, stand by for news!  I welcome comments, but try to be nice  ;-)


  1. Awesome Ken, looking forward to reading the blog.

  2. I'm glad you've started your own blog! I am also looking forward to reading it :-)

  3. I just added your blog to my Google reader so you had best get busy! Glad to see you joining the forensicator blog crowd.

    Best of luck Ken,

    Larry Daniel

  4. Thanks gang, I appreciate it. I had planned to already have more content on here, but various life circumstances interrupted me temporarily. I'm ready to get back on track now, though.

  5. nice! there are never enough blogs to read on computer/digital forensics. i will be around to read & of coz comment where i can ... :)