Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a Quick Post

I was reading Harlan's blog tonight and saw his reference to Corey's blog post about timeline analysis and using the Calc spreadsheet program in to view the timeline.  He had run into the 65,000 row limit in Calc when his 100,000+ line timeline was truncated.

He got around that by testing a release candidate for OpenOffice 3.3, which does support a million rows.  Version 3.2.1. is still the actual current version, but apparently 3.3 will be out soon.  I went to the OpenOffice site tonight to try to download a copy of the release candidate, but all the links to the RC were taken down in preparation for the release of RC 7, so I wasn't able to check it out.

I ran into the 65,000 row issue awhile back while reviewing the output from Mark Menz's MFTRipper program.  Given the low budget outfit I work for, I don't have Microsoft Office, which started supporting more than a million rows with Office 2007.  I did some searching at the time to find the answer to my problem and came up with a version of OpenOffice called Go-OO.  The version of Calc included with it has support for a million rows.

That's all I have right now, but thought I should get this out there in case anyone else was in the same boat.


  1. I understand the situation of working in units with low budgets since those are the environments I'm used to. The bright side is it forces you to be resourceful in order to make do with what you have.

    Thanks for sharing about Go-OO. I never heard of the program until I saw your comments.

  2. Hi Corey,

    Thanks for your comment and the very interesting post on your blog. I've enjoyed reading your blog posts and have definitely learned from them.

    I hadn't heard of Go-OO either until I had the issue you ran into. I started Google searching for a work around or fix for the row limit in OO and found a forum post recommending Go-OO.

    I'm interested in seeing the new LibreOffice, but haven't had time to download and give it a try.