Thursday, April 4, 2013

Forensic 4cast Awards

I wanted to let you all know that voting has begun for this years Forensic 4cast awards. I'm pleased to say this blog received a nomination for the Digital Forensic Blog of the Year. As happy as I would be to win, I must admit the two other nominees are far better choices and deserve your votes. I have a good time writing here, but this blog is not in the same league as Corey's Journey Into Incident Response blog or the Volatility Labs blog. Both of them devote a lot of time to research and blogging. I'm deeply appreciative for the nomination and I hope to produce something worth an award sometime, but I encourage you to vote for Corey or Volatility.

On another topic, I've been testing Jeff Bryner's NBDServer the last couple days. It's pretty cool, but I've got a couple issues to figure out. I've used it successfully between two virtual machines and also between one VM and the host system, but I'm having trouble getting it to work between two physical machines. I'll do a blog post about it once I get everything figured out.

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