Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Quick Note

Just wanted to mention that, according to Amazon, Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools has been released. This is a book I've really been looking forward to. The two authors, Cory Altheide and Harlan Carvey are well known in the field and bring a lot experience and knowledge to this book, so I know it's going to be great. I'll be posting a review after I receive and read my copy.

Related to the use of Open Source, I also wanted to mention some interesting posts being made over on the SANS Forensic Blog by Dave Hull. He's made two related recent posts on the use of the Linux command line to aid in data reduction during an investigation. The posts are called "Least Frequently Occurring Strings?" and "Data Reduction redux and map-reduce." I love reading things like this, because these are methods anyone can use without buying high dollar forensic software. The Linux operating system comes as an almost ready made forensics investigation platform, with just a few things still needed to do the job. I still work in both Linux and Windows and make use of paid software in both, but my heart is with the open source tools available to all.

I hope to be putting out a new blog post in the near future that contains info on some research I've been doing lately, but I haven't had time to finish things up yet. I'll be back with a new post "soon".


  1. Thanks for the note about DFwOS. Mine has now been ordered (Amazon says it's the last one available at the moment - whew!).

  2. Wow! I knew it would be a quick seller, but that's pretty amazing.

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