Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Brief Update

After a bit of an equipment failure, I'm rebuilding my test machine prior to doing the dynamic analysis of the BEAST.  Hope to have it back up and running very soon.

I've been continuing to experiment with things I read about in the Malware Analysts Cookbook in my spare time.  I set up INetSim on a Linux machine after reading about it in the book.  After one brief test, it seems to work very well and should make dynamic analysis of malware files more interesting and productive.  I'm still figuring out some things about it, but I'm very impressed with how easy it is to set up and configure.

I had planned to do some more work with INetSim today, but since the test machine I was going to execute the malware on bit the proverbial dust, I spent my time setting up a new Linux based internal mail server for the sheriff's office.  The server is running Ubuntu 10.10 Server and uses Dovecot and Postfix for mail. It's also running Apache with Squirrelmail so the deputies can choose between using an email client, like Outlook, etc, or accessing their mail via a web interface. I finished getting it running tonight and all seems to be working well.  Just have to get the user list and the IP address it will be assigned to and I can put it in service for them.

Finally, I'm no longer involved in writing a book.  My partners and I were unable to work out some conflicts with the publisher, so we and the publisher have amicably parted ways. I hope to one day be involved in writing a book, but I think it just wasn't meant to be at this point.

That's about it for now. Hope to be back with another installment in my relentless pursuit of the BEAST in the near future.

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